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Brasilian Vibes Brasilian Vibes


  1. Brasil's Hold On Me
  2. Bagaceira (Sugar Cane)
  3. Back to Bahia
  4. Four Brothers
  5. Mallet Evolution
  6. Affirmation
  7. Eu E A Brisa (Me And The Breeze)
  8. Morning Song
  9. Cru Cre Corroro
  10. Peach Juice and A Niteroi Sunrise
  11. Tarde Em Itapua
  12. Four Brother (radio edit)
Brazilian Vibes CD $14.95 Add to Cart


MalletWorks is proud to announce the most important jazz mallet book ever released - 16 fantastic solos by the master Milt Jackson "Bags"! His 50-year association with The Modern Jazz Quartet, his solo career, his sessions with Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles and hundreds of others...look inside the notes of the man responsible for millions of people falling in love with the vibes. A joy to sight-read and analyze. A MUST for every percussion and jazz enthusiast! Makes a great holiday gift for that special friend, teacher or colleague - buy two and save on our flat-rate shipping!

Contains transcribed solos from these 16 tunes:
Angel Eyes
Bags and Trane
Bags Groove
Blue Bossa
Blues In C Minor
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
How High The Moon
In Walked Bud
John Browns Body
Poom A Loom
Sounds For Sid
The Sealer
Things To Come

View Samples: (samples are pdf format)
Blue Bossa
Blues in C Minor



Arthur Lipner

Modern Vibe - Arthur Lipner’s fifth solo project hits a bullseye. MODERN VIBE features superb performances and a great mix of originals and covers, all delivered in impeccable audiophile sound. Lipner’s chops have never been better, with beautiful, energetic playing on each track. Supported by a cast of NYC’s finest session players - who individually have worked with Steely Dan, Rod Stewart, Sonny Rollins, Spyro Gyra and more - Lipner has created an album music lovers of many types will embrace spin after spin. Funk, authentic Brazilian, R&B all narrated by vibes and marimba... A Modern Vibe it is. And a sweet one at that.

Listen to sound clips online.

Track Listing and Personnel

1. Love The One You’re With (Stephen Stills)
2. Street Vibe (Lipner)
3. Treasure Chest (Lipner)
4. Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)
5. Mood Vibe (Lipner)
6. Flor De Lis (Djavan)
7. Slo Burn 68 (Lipner)
9. Montanha Russa (Faria/Korman)
10. Blue Tango (Lipner)


Arthur Lipner Vibes/
Jerome Harris Guitar (played w/ Sonny Rollins, Jack DeJohnette, Bill Frisell)
Nelson Faria Guitar (Ivan Lins, Gonzalo Rubalcalba, Joao Bosco)
Bill Bickford Guitar (Defunkt, Lester Bowie, Donald Byrd)
Nik Bariluk Kbds (Sherry Winston, Jon Lucien, Gary US Bonds)
David Feldman Kbds (Claudio Roditi, Slide Hampton, Duduca Fonseca)
David Finck Bass (Dizzy Gillespie, Rod Stewart, Andre Previn)
Tom Barney Bass (Steely Dan, Whitney Houston, Steps Ahead)
Ney Concecao Bass (Flora Purim, Airto Moreira, Joao Bosco)
Joel Rosenblatt Drums (Spyro Gyra, Michel Camilo, Steve Kahn)
Tommy Igoe Drums (New York Voices, Art Garfunkel, Al DiMeola)
Kiko Freitas Drums (Michel Legrand, Chico Buarque, Gonzalo Rubalcalba)
Mauro Refosco Percussion (David Byrne, Bill Frisell, Bebel Gilberto)

Modern Vibe $11.00



The MalletWorks “Sticks To Latin” Series is eight pieces for Salsa band arranged for Percussion Ensemble. These are authentic arrangements composed of popular Afro/Cuban feels which, together, represent a sampling of popular Salsa rhythms. By purchasing the entire collection, you can be sure that your Percussion Ensemble library has this essential area of percussion covered with a group of pieces which feature sound pedagogy, authentic rhythms, and LOTS of FUN!

The Sticks To Latin CdRom features all of the arrangements performed - in their entirety - by a host of NYC musicians. These include composer/arranger Rolando Morales-Matos and session players Arthur Lipner (Vibes & Marimba) and Tommy Igoe (drums). The video portion (Mac/PC) contains over 18 minutes of Rolando demonstrating playing techniques for the Bongo Bell, Cowbell and Timbale parts of each piece. Where else can an incredible series like this be found??

Each Sticks To Latin arrangement is for between 11-14 players. But they can all be performed with as few as 3 (melody, chords and bass line). Coming soon to the MalletWorks website will be a downloadable pdf document of information relevant to the Sticks To Latin Series. This will include the recommended instrumentations for ensembles ranging from 3 players and up, plus descriptive and historical information about each of the rhythms contained in the series. Awesome!! So please check back in January for this valuable - and free - information.


1) Hello Young Lovers

$ 47

2) Bomba E

$ 40

3) Can You Feel The Love Tonight

$ 47

4) Plena Linda

$ 40

5) What A Cha Cha

$ 40

6) Come Back

$ 40

7) Side By Side

$ 40

8) Tonight I Celebrate Your Love

$ 47

Complete Pack:
(Purchase the complete Sticks To Latin Series (8 titles) and get a free Sticks To Latin cd!)


Sheet Music

Double Image (Dave Friedman/Dave Samuels)

Vibe/Marimba Duets

FOUR DOUBLE IMAGE TRANSCRIPTIONS from the CD "Duotones"....... Dave Samuels and David Friedman (Double Image) made percussion history when they released their first series of duo transcriptions in the 70's. Nothing of this type has been released since....until now. MalletWorks is honored to publish four note-for-note transcriptions from "Duotones." Each will come with a play-along CD with channel separation, as well as a mini score with both parts. All music is transcribed by the Netherlands vibes player Jeroen Goldsteen. You won't want to miss this opportunity to play along, or even watch along, as these two cats play vibes and marimba like no one else....

Movie Music $21.95   
Untitled #1 $21.95   
Over Hills $21.95   
Night Rain $21.95   
All Four Double Image Transcriptions
(Buy all four of these great Double Image transcriptions with CD together, and you'll save $10!)


Marimba Solos
Some Uptown Hip-Hop Marimba Solo $11.95
Lime Juice Marimba Solo $11.95

Mallet Fantasia

Vibes/Marimba Soloist with Orchestra & Wind Ensemble

"Mallet Fantasia" For Vibes & Marimba Soloist and Orchestra (Piano Red.)
- New work for Soloist (Vibes & Marimba) with String Orchestra + 3 Woodwinds + Aux. Percussionist. Composed by Arthur Lipner and award-winning Norwegian composer Jens Wendelboe. 18 mins of mallet exploration including two Vibes improvisations and two Marimba cadenzas (supplied by Lipner). 4 mvmts: "Opening", "Two Meditations (Optional childrens' choir), "Timbral Dances (incl. a Fugue, and the use of stick shafts and slapsticks), and hi-energy "Finale". A major contribution to percussion literature, a great experience for performer and audience alike!

Mallet Fantasia has been performed:

Available in these arrangements:

"Mallet Fantasia" - Duo for Vibes and Marimba Soloist and Orchestra (Piano Red.) 27.95
Mallet Fantasia practice CD
37 min cd contains complete version + complete version without solo part)

Chamber Orchestra - Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Aux. Percussion + opt. Childrens choir.

(rental available worldwide, contact MalletWorks Rentals office) 
Wind Ensemble (w/opt. Childrens choir)
(rental available worldwide, contact MalletWorks Rentals office) 
Percussion Ensemble Instrumentation:

Vibes/Marimba soloist
Marimbas 1, 2, 3
Perc 1, 2, 3
Childrens Choir (optional for 2nd mvmt)


Method Books

Arthur Lipner has re-written the popular Jazz Mallets: IN SESSION. 10 of those tracks (incl. Tunes by Charlie Parker and Mongo Santamaria) and text/examples are now available for all instruments in a global improv approach. Like Jazz Mallets: IN SESSION, the Samba, Funk and Soca cuts (w/ horns!) make this collection stand way above the hundreds of jazz play- alongs currently available. The following books are each available separately w/ transcribed solos and play-along cd: (C), (Bb), (Eb), (Bass Clef), (Tenor Sax).

From Hip Solos to Lead Sheets
(Due Jan. 2003)
$ 21.95
The following books are each available separately w/ transcribed solos and play-along CD:  
Bass Clef
Tenor Sax

MalletWorks is pleased to offer two books from Arthur Lipner: "Jazz Mallets: In Session" and "The Vibes Real Book." "Jazz Mallets: In Session" is the first ever book/play-along CD package for jazz vibes and marimba. 16 tunes (13 of which are Lipner originals), graduated in difficulty, total 70 minutes of music with channel separation for practice, audition, or recital. You'll be joined by a smokin' piano trio, featuring styles that include Swing, Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk, and Soca with horns! This book also includes solo transcriptions, inprov. exercises,and theory. This is the beginner's guide to jazz improvisation for vibes and marimba, and it covers improvisation in a simplified setting-first with clapping patterns then with notes pre-selected in a "note box." Also included are sections on scales, chords, patterns, turnarounds, and much more. Suitable as an introduction to "The Vibes Real Book", this book has you actually playing with a band and is perfect for young beginning mallet students through professional percussionists. Lipner's hit a bullseye this time, folks! Total 150 pages w/CD, only $29.00

Jazz Mallets: In Session $29.00   
The Vibes Real Book
(Comprehensive technique & theory, seven jazz standards in step-wise method for two- and four-mallets. Now being used in thirty countries.)
Vibes Works by MalletWorks (1999)
Arthur Lipner performs five four-mallet solo vibes Step 8's from "The Vibes Real Book" plus more.


Vibraphone Solos
New!!!Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) - for solo vibes, a gorgeous easy/medium difficulty for four mallets. view a clip link: $11.00
New!!! WALTZ FOR DEBBY (Bill Evans) - Grade V ON SALE!
Reprinted from The Vibes Real Book (by Arthur Lipner). Four-mallet arrangement includes fantastic jazz chord voicings and a great Lipner solo.

The first stand-alone solo vibes arrangement of a jazz standard!!!

"Mallet Fantasia" - for Vibes and Marimba Soloist and Orchestra (Piano Red.) 27.95
Mallet Fantasia practice CD 10.95
Crystal Mallet
(medium level, four-mallet solo, simple melody, trance-like mood)
(advanced level, four-mallet solo, now a Lipner performance classic, 8 mins.)
Places To Visit
(solo vibes collection, mixed styles (Caribbean, funk, ECM, others) with written improvisations)

Mallet Duos
Space Dancer
(easy, two-mallet funky vibes/marimba duo, written solos, optional percussion, HS/College, 8 mins.)
(medium level, vibe/marimba duo in 7/4, shimmering simplicity and lyricism, solos transcribed from CD, 7 mins.)
Sight Reading
(four pieces including J.S. Bach/Tchaik. Symph. No. 4 themes plus two bluesy originals)

Percussion Ensemble
(all four suitable for HS/College)
Sweet Rio
(Percussion Ensemble Samba from Jazz Mallets: In SESSION play-along, flexible arr. by D. Steinquest....)
Some Uptown Hip-Hop
(Lipner/arr. Ron Brough, Calypso Perc. Ens., 8-10 players, marimba lead, easiest of the three)
Lime Juice
(Soca Perc. Ens., Lipner/arr. Ron Brough, 8-10 players, med. level, challenging lines, memorable melody)
City Soca
(Calypso Perc. Ens., Lipner/arr. Mark Ford, 8-10 players, med. level, optional three pans)

Jazz Ensemble Mallet Features
(all three suitable for HS/College)
24 Jam
(Lipner/arr. Bob Mintzer, Bright tempo Samba, from the Lipner small group CD "The Magic Continues")
Cabana En El Sol
(Lipner/arr. Bob Mintzer, med. tempo, several Latin feels, HS/College, 2 solo sections)
St. Thomas
(S. Rollins/arr. Chuck Tumlinson, full band scoring of Sonny's recorded solo, incl. pan and aux. perc. parts)

Drumline Mallet Features
(all arr. by Jeff Moore, fully notated with score)

On Fire
(comp. Michel Camilo, 3 mins. of power, includes marimba solo space. Lookout!!)

Battery is written for:
Snares (play on Paddle drums or roto-toms at the end)
Tenors (Quints) with Cowbell and Jam Block attached
Bass Drums (6)
Cymbals (4)
Pit is written for:
2 Xylo
2 Vibes
2 Marimba
2 Auxiliary Percussion

Sound Clip:


La Danza Pasillo
(co-arr J. Moore/T. Nahirniak - with marimba solo space, incredible energy)

Battery is written for:
Snares (play on Paddle drums or roto-toms at the end)
Tenors (Quints) with Cowbell and Jam Block attached
Bass Drums (6)
Cymbals (4)
Pit is written for:
2 Xylo
2 Vibes
2 Marimba
2 Auxiliary Percussion

Lime Juice
(comp. Lipner. Popular Perc. Ens. marimba feature re-scored for drumline, with marimba solo space)

Pit has a Split Xylo/Bell part (only 1)

Tenors (Quints)
Bass Drums (6)
Cymbals (4)
Pit is written for:
1 Bell/Xylo
2 Vibes
2 Marimba
2 Auxiliary Percussion



Ney Rosauro

New!!! The ABC’s of Brazilian Percussion (Book/DVD)
The first definitive book/dvd on Brazilian Rhythms from master Brazilian educator Ney Rosauro. ABC’s is the easiest way to teach yourself how to play the essential Brazilian percussion instruments. The main focus is to demonstrate the correct phrasing and authentic playing technique of these instruments: Chocalho, Reco-reco, Surdo, Caixa, Agogo, Triangulo, Tamborim, Repinique, Cuica, Pandeiro and Berimbau. These eleven instruments are covered with charts and recordings in five main rhythms: Samba, Samba Reggae, Baiao, Frevo and Maracatu. The 33-page book includes 75 exercises. ABC’s is a “must” for every contemporary percussionist.
$ 26.95
  New!!! Timpani Concerto - Duo w/ Piano
A fantastic work for 5 timpani (19mins). The 3 movements are: 1) Bachroque, 2) Aria, and 3) Horse Ride. Includes playing techniques such as stick ends and fingertips. Timpani Concerto is a one-of-a-kind piece which is sure to be embraced by percussionists worldwide. Available with accompaniment of: Piano ($24.95), Percussion Ensemble ($36.50), String Orchestra (rental) and Wind Ensemble (rental).
New!!! Timpani Concerto - Percussion Ensemble
See description above.
New!!! Concerto #2 for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble $61.95
New!!! Concerto #2 for Percussion Ensemble CD
Includes Concerto #2 for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble and Concerto for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble
CD out of stock until Nov. 05. You can listen to it at


Marimba Concerto #2 Piano Red.
After writing the most popular marimba concerto, Rosauro comes back again with an exciting and challenging new Concerto For Marimba. Written for full marimba (5 oct.) and full orchestra, the new concerto keeps the same style as the previous concerto and is full of life and energy. 24-min work in three movements.
Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra (Piano reduction) - Same solo part as in Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble arrangements. $ 31.50
Concerto for Vibraphone & Orchestra (Piano reduction) - Same solo part as in Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble arrangements. $ 30.50

Mallet Solos
New!!! SONATA PERIODS OF LIFE - for vibraphone and marimba (1 player) (12:30 min) (intermediate).
I) Dawn, II) Children’s Game, III) Lied, IV) Rondo.
Based on an unusual concept in which the movements depict the four stages of a person’s life, the first and last movement are to be played on marimba and vibraphone at the same time. The second movement is for solo vibraphone and the third is for solo marimba. A favorite piece for graduation recitals.
Three Preludes Rosauro's Popular marimba solos now distributed worldwide by MalletWorks" $18.50
Variations Over Evelyn
Glennie's "A Little Prayer"
(Exciting and challenging set of
eight advanced variations for 5-oct. Marimba).
$ 17
(Marimba solo easy/med. level, Spanish-based themes, two- and three-mallet chords. Includes separate EASY 2-mallet 2-page reduction for the beginning player....)
(challenging vibraphone solo, five mallets, intermed/adavnced, 7 mins)
Cenas Amerindias
(2 multiple perc. solos, intermed./advanced, four mallets, 5 mins. each)
Choro Bachiano
(Marimba solo, traditional Choro with folkloric Brazilian quality, four mallets, interm./avanced, 8 mins.)
Prelude and Blues
(A charming and entertaining vibraphone solo, four mallets, 15 mins.)
Variacoes Sobre Um Tema Do Rio Grande
(7 captivating variations for Marimba solo, four mallets, intermed./advanced, 8 mins.)
Variations for Four Tom-toms
(basic drum techniques for beginning percussionists, 7 mins.)
Seven Brazilian Childrens Songs
(Maimba solo, wonderful folkloric themes for beginning four mallets, 15 mins.)
Three Moods
("Baroque", "Meditative" and "Impatient". Solos for Marimba or Tenor Pam, med. level )

Mallet Duos
Toccota & Divertimento for Vibraphone & Guitar (or Marimba)
(Marimba solo easy/med. level, Spanish-based themes, two- and three-mallet chords. Includes separate EASY 2-mallet 2-page reduction for the beginning player....)
A Message To A Friend
(Brazilian Baiao in 5/4, vibe melody/marimba comp, four mallets each, intermed. level 6 mins)
Five Cirandas Brasileiras
(Vibes/Marimba duo, four mallets each, intermed. level, 11 mins.)
Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra (Piano reduction) - Same solo part as in Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble arrangements. $ 31.50
Concerto for Vibraphone & Orchestra (Piano reduction) - Same solo part as in Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble arrangements. $ 30.50

Ensemble Pieces
(Rosauro's most popular Percussion Ensemble piece, for 6 players)
(Spanish-based themes for percussion ensemble, incl. handclaps and cajon, 10-12 players, 7 mins.)
Cadencia Para Berimbau
(Berimbau solo with Percussion Quartet, elem./intermed. level, 6 mins.)
Fred No Frevo
(Charming and virtuosic work for Marimba Quartet, option perc., intermed. level, 16 mins)
Mitos Brasilerias "Brazilian Myths"
(Percussion Quartet, contrasting tempi and atmospheres, inter./advanced level, 16 mins.)
Two Brazilian Steel Dances ON SALE!
(intermed. level, five pans plus percussion, 12 mins.)
Japanese Overture
(Comissioned by Japan Percussion Society, 3 movements, mixed instrumentation, 7-8 players)
Concerto for Marimba & Percussion Ensemble - 7 players, 4 mvmts, 18 mins. Same solo part as in Piano reduction, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble arrangements. $ 44.50
Concerto for Vibraphone & Orchestra - 7 players, 3 mvmts., 19 mins. Same solo part as in Piano reduction, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble arrangements. $ 44.50

Vibes Etudes and Songs
Eight beautiful pieces for beginners. Dampening, pedaling,
beginning improv.
10 Beginning Studies for Multiple Percussion
(minimal setup and instrumentation, grad. difficulty, varying styles and tempos)
Beginning Exercises and Studies for Two Mallets
(12 etudes covering basic methods for the newcomer)

Orchestral Works

New!!! Timpani Concerto
accompaniment: String Orchestra

Rental Only -- See Below
New!!! Timpani Concerto
accompaniment: Wind Ensemble
Rental Only -- See Below
Concerto for Vibraphone and Wind Ensemble
Arrangement by Rodrigo Morte, 3 mvmts 19mins. Rosauro's popular Vibes Concerto now available with Wind accompaniment.
Rental Only -- See Below
Concerto For Vibraphone & Orchestra



Violins 1 - 4
Violins 2 - 4
Violas - 3
Violoncello - 3
Double Bass - 2


Flute 1
Oboe 1
Clarinet 1
Bassoon 1
French Horns 2
Percussion 1

Duo w/ Piano Reduction
Rental Only -- See Below
Concerto For Marimba and Wind Ensemble
(New arrangement by Dr. Thomas L. McCutchen, Univ. of Georgia)


Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, English Horn, 2 Bassoons, Contra Bassoon, 2 Clarinets, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, 2 French Horns, 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Euphonium, Tuba, String Bass, 2 Mallets, 2 Percussion, Timpani
Rental Only -- See Below
Concerto For Marimba & Orchestra


Violins 1 - 4
Violins 2 - 4
Violas - 3
Violoncello - 3
Double Bass - 2

Duo w/ Piano Reduction
Rental Only -- See Below
Rhapsody For Solo Percussion and Orchestra
Duo w/ Piano Reduction
$25.50 -
Rhapsody For Solo Percussion and Orchestra
For Jazz Ensemble
Please Inquire
Suite Brazil 500 for Solo Percussion and Wind Ensemble
(7 mvmts, 20 mins.)
Rental Only -- See Below
Brazil 500 for Solo Percussion and Orchestra
(30 mins)
Rental Only -- See Below

Ivana Bilic

MalletWorks Music is pleased to announce our exclusive worldwide distribution of music by Croatian Percussionist/Composer IVANA BILIC

New!!! SOUVENIR FROM MEXICO for Solo Marimba (Grade IV)
A rhapsody inspired by Mexican (especially Chiapan) folk songs, some of which can be found in a collection by Israel Moreno and Javier Nandayapa.
New!!! TAFATE for Solo Marimba (Grade V)
Variations on a Croatian folk tune exploring archaic scales, minor second intervals, changes between major and minor, odd meters, and sounds of folk instruments. Written for a 5-octave marimba, can be performed on a 4 1/3 octave instrument. Also available for Marimba and String Quartet (composed by Ivana Bilic/Igor Kuljeric ).

New!!! MEXICO ENCORE for Two Marimbas (Grade IV)
Written for the festival de Marimbistas in Chiapas, Mexico, features some of the most popular local tunes, such as the Chiapanecas waltz. Explores many different aspects of marimba musical language, including body music passages, and is ideal as encore for a duo marimba recital. Optional improvisation. $ 17.-
New!!! INTIMA Vibraphone solo (comp. Prohawska/Bilic) Grade IV+. Slow, bluesy four-mallet vibe solo, Swing feel, advanced level. Great encore. On ”Follow Me” cd.

New!!! BAROCCHIANA Marimba solo (comp. Kuljeric/Bilic) Grade V. Three movements for low-A marimba, 3/4, 4/4, cadenza, improv, four-mallet independence. On ”Follow Me” cd. $14


New!!! TOCCATA Duo for Vibraphone and Piano (comp. Kuljeric), Grade IV. A “timbral masterpiece.” Calls for motor, half-pedaling, fingernails, rolls, improv, and more. On ”Follow Me” cd. $20 $22.00


** For Rental Info Please Contact:

Rentals Manager
MalletWorks Rentals
4 Seymour Terrace
Hackettstown, NJ 07840 USA
Tel: 908.852.4459


MalletWorks Masters
Percussion Ensemble

MalletWorks is now pleased to offer three great pieces from three mallet greats, all for percussion ensemble. They are all a part of a ever growing series called the MalletWorks Masters Percussion Ensemble Series. Here are three new works for percussion ensemble of music written/recorded by Mike Maineiri, David Friedman, and Dave Samuels.

David Friedman

Malletworks Masters Percussion Ensemble Series

"20 Minutes Off The Pavement" is the only work by David Friedman for Percussion Ensemble. A "fusion" style piece which includes electric bass and drumset parts, it is a challenging 20-minute work with great compositional depth and a variety of sound colors - including roto toms. There is a separate Vibes soloist part, and plenty of optional room for improvisation in a variety of textures. A wonderful piece, and a welcomed addition to the MalletWorks catalog.

20 Minutes Off The Pavement $44.00   

Dave Samuels

Malletworks Masters P. E. Series

Dave Samuels has crafted a new arrangement for MalletWorks called "One Step Ahead." With his trademark fusion of Afro-Cuban groove and melody, this piece is sure to be welcomed by ensembles of all levels. "One Step Ahead" is the first cut on the latest CD "Paraiso" by Samuel's band The Caribbean Jazz Project. "Parasio" can be found on this site on this page by clicking here for the CD section.

One Step Ahead $44.00   

Mike Mainieri

Malletworks Masters P. E. Series

Percussion Ensemble music by Mike Mainieri? What? Can this be? That's right! The Steps Ahead classic "Oops" has been arranged for percussion ensemble by Jeff Moore. What a great tune with great writing! The arrangement is full sounding and includes a solo written by Arthur Lipner for those who prefer to read than to improvise. This piece sounds great, and feels great for the band and the audience.

Oops $44.00   

MalletWorks is now the exclusive worldwide distributor for AssuntoGrave Brasilian Editions
Of special interest is the first title listed:

Brazilian Music for the Beginner (w/ play-along cd) $21.95

Brazilian popular music arrived in the USA in the 1960's with Sergio Mendes' Brazil ‘66, Stan Getz and others. This incredible introductory collection of authentic Brazilian music is framed in brief, easy, melodic compositions with play-along cd. Styles include Baiao, Frevo, Modinha and Bossa. Total length of 7 pieces is 12 mins. Suitable for Vibes and/or Marimba, this is a must for anyone with access to a mallet instrument, for beginners and pros alike. $19.95


Desafio (Brazilian Marimba solo, scherzo med. level. Dedicated to Ney Rosauro) 13.95
Frevim (Exciting folkloric piece for Marimba Quartet, Frevo rhythm) 24.95 
Maracassamba (Short uptempo Brazilian duo for Vibes and Marimba, samba/maracatu, med. level) 17.00
Gosto do Brasil "A Taste of Brazil" (Upbeat Baiao duo marimba and piano, med. level) 18.95
Santa Teresa (Brazilian choro, minuet form, duo marimba and piano, med. level) 18.95
Seashore (Bossa duo marimba and piano, simple melody with cool swing) 18.95  



Other Sheet Music

Sheet Music
by Various Artists/Composers

Michael Aukofer
New!!! Michael Aukofer & Arthur Lipner - Styles & Smiles

Percussion Music For Beginners * Grooves From Around The World
by Michael Aukofer & Arthur Lipner

For Percussion Quintet - opt. 6th player

A collection of 8 short melodic pieces in the following styles: Mambo, Bossa, Rumba, Calypso, American Folk, Funk. Entire book can be played with Bells, Xylo, Snare, Toms (2), Bass Drum, Susp. Cymb, and small aux. instruments (claves, whistles, etc.). Includes separate score, sets of individual charts for each piece, audio cd of complete arrangements. $ 75.-

Expose your students to World Rhythms with fun, simple charts!!


New!!! Michael Aukofer - JUGHEADS (Grade III)
Something completely different!

Novelty funky, high-energy groove piece - All players use empty 5-gal water jugs! Middle school - College, 3-mins, wide variety of funk grooves. 3+ players (no limit!)

The ultimate finale crowd-pleaser for any concert!!! View a clip Windows Media Player required.

Chris Colaneri

New!!! Take Five Marimba solo (comp. Paul Desmond, arr. Chris Colaneri)

The Dave Brubeck classic for marimba solo, med/adv difficulty for four mallets.
view a clip (melody starts at 0:53) link:


Marimba/Piano Duos

Three Songs for Soprano (Voice) & Vibraphone
(comp. Frank Picarazzi, the poetry of ee cummings set to music)
Gosto de Brasil
"A Taste of Brazil"

(comp. Aquino/Vasconcellos, upbeat Baiao duo for marimba and piano, med. level)
Santa Teresa
(comp. Aquino/Vasconcellos, Brazilian choro, minuet form, duo for marimba and piano, med. level)
(comp. Aquino/Vasconcellos, Bossa duo for marimba and piano, simple melody with cool swing)
See above releases by Assunto Grave

Mallet Quartets

Three South American Sketches by Murray Houllif
(Mallet Quartet, med. level, Bells-Xy-Vib-Mar. low A)
(Marimba Quartet composed by MalletWorks engraver David Sorgi, minimalist style, med/adv. level, 6 mins.)


Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra by Christopher Brooks (Piano Reduction - Rental Parts available on request.)
Christopher Brooks, an accomplished LA-based film composer and Music Supervisor (and ex-vibes student at Berklee), has created an enjoyable medium-level addition to the repertoire. "Concerto For Vibraphone and Orchestra" is a hauntingly lyrical work that was commissioned the Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra and was premired in 1999 by William Lutz, percussionist with the Columbus (Ohio) Symphony Orchestra. There are three movements: "To Dream", "To Live", and "To Die."

The work follows a fast-slow-fast format from movement to movement. The first movement also contains and optional cadenza. The performer must be somewhat proficient with four mallets. The movements are bound together through the use of C Lydian/G Major in the first movement, G natural minor in the second, and C natural minor resolving to C Major in the third. Dampening, stickings and pedaling are left to the discretion of the performer.



"Two Mallet Fixers for the Perspicacious Percussionist" by Andrew Reamer. - 16 Reading and Technical exercises, w/ demonstration cd.

"Reamer's Elixirs is a delightful remedy for the growing void in keyboard percussion training. Perspicacious percussionist Andrew Reamer has shown acute perception in discovering the missing link------two mallet technical skills. These varied style studies will turn your two mallet playing into gold!" --Christopher Lamb, Principal Percussion New York Philharmonic.

$ 25.95  

CD Sheet Music
from Lipner Solo CD's

Charts are now available for any track on any of Arthur Lipner's three solo CDs. These are great for your gigs or practice. (Sheet Music Only -- See Below for CD.)

Portraits in World Jazz (1998)

Charts for "Portraits In World Jazz"
(Please specify track info on checkout page.)

The Magic Continues (1994)

Charts for "The Magic Continues"
(Please specify track info on checkout page.)

Liquide Stones (1992)

Charts for Liquide Stones
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MalletWorks Music Samplers
(A great way to get to know us...)

Vibes Works by MalletWorks (1999)
Solo and small group vibes, performed by Arthur Lipner (five step 8's from "The Vibes Real Book" plus five "Places to Visit" pieces and several cuts from Lipner solo projects).
Mallet Works by MalletWorks (1998)
Performances by Lipner, Rosauro, M. Burritt, very varied instrumentations and literature.

Arthur Lipner Solo Album Projects

Portraits In World Jazz (1998) ON SALE!
Extraordinary percussionist's delight with Glen Velez, Harvie Swartz, Fred Hersch and others.
The Magic Continues (1994)
Grooving Caribbean/R&B fusion with Bob Mintzer, Joel Rosenblatt and others.
Liquide Stones (1992)
Critically acclaimed acoustic and electric duos with guitarist Jack DeSalvo. German Import.

Ney Rosauro
Percussion Ensemble Recordings

"Brazilian Music For Percussion Ensemble" is a newly recorded collection of Rosauro works for percussion ensemble, all on one disk. This is sure to be a great listening experience as well as a great reference for one of the most important mallet music composers of the last two decades.

Concerto #2 with Percussion Ensemble $10.95
Brazilian Music For Percussion Ensemble (2000) $16.95   

Ney Rosauro Solo Album Projects
(Live recordings of the composer performing his original works)

Ney Rosauro In Concert (1998)
(Concerti for Marimba and Orchestra, Vibes and Orchestra, and Three Preludes for Marimba, and more)
Grupo De Percussao Da Universidad Federal de Santa Maria (1995)
(Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble and more)
Rapsodia (1992)
(includes Rapsody for Solo Percussion and Orchestra, Bem-Vindo, Cenas Amerindas, Variacoes Um Tema Do Rio Grande and more)

New!!! Ivana Bilic - “Follow Me” cd
Tracks include:
Concerto for Vibraphone and Strings (Boris Papandopulo)
Toccata for Vibraphone and Piano (Igor Kuljeric)
Chopin Opus 17 for Vibraphone and Flute (arr. Igor Kuljeric)
Barocchiana Marimba Solo (Kuljeri/Bilic)
Intima Vibraphone solo (Bilic)


Double Image

Duotones (1997)
(includes all four transcriptions listed in Double Image section and more, over 52 mins)


Arthur Lipner Mallets by Mike Balter:
Mike Balter 41 - medium, thick rattan shafts, perfect for solo or duo vibes and marimba.
Mike Balter 45 - thick rattan shafts, med. Hard, for Percussion or Jazz Ensembles, vibes and marimba.

Lipner Custom Mallets $31.50/Pair
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MalletWorks Baseball Cap
Dark green hat with purple MalletWorks logo, including our trademark "guy/gal in the burst" of course. One size fits all.
MalletWorks T-Shirt
Due strictly to popular demand, this hip, white, 100% cotton pocket tee shirt is now available. The Malletworks logo is on front, and the huge purple "guy/gal in the burst" is on the back. Everyone will know you're a mallet player with this baby on!

(Specify M-L-XL on checkout page)


Musser Vibraphone Motor Belt $10.50