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Cabaña En El Sol (comp. Arthur Lipner, arr. Bob Mintzer)

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(5/4/4, Vibes/Marimba, P-B-Drs) 17 total parts + Score 
Cabana En El Sol for Big Band is a sunshine-filled medium tempo Cha-Cha that grooves hard. Scored as a vibes and marimba feature, these two parts can be played by one person or shared by two players. There are two solo sections. The first is in the Cha-cha feel, the second a double time Swing feel. Lipner suggests setting up the vibes and marimba toward the front of the stage, in front of the piano/rhythm section in clear view. 2 mics per instrument will be needed since this is a mallet feature. This piece and 24 Jam will showcase your mallet players, delighting the audience along the way! Grade III/IV of VI.

Cabaña En El Sol (comp. Arthur Lipner, arr. Bob Mintzer)

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