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There's one emotion audiences don't have when they watch Percussion and Wind Ensembles perform..until now!!

Three Laughs (Arthur Lipner) is now available!!!
for Percussion Ensemble & Wind Ensemble  (Percussion Feature)

 Bicycles  -  iPhones  -  Electric Drills  -  Bubbles  -  Dustbusters  -  Hair Dryers  -  Wrenches  -  Hammers  -  Rubber ducks  &  more..
Finale features a glorious fountain of dozens of colored ping pong balls tossed high in the air! 

  Treat your players and community to a performance of Three Laughs!!

12 themes including Beethoven's 5th, Yes We Have No Bananas, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, Habanera (Carmen), Bach Minuet variation, Frère Jacques, Für Elise, On Top Of Spaghetti, Swanee River, Yellow Rose Of Texas. Download (save $!) and physical copy available below. 

Arthur Lipner describes Three Laughs

Three Laughs for Percussion Ensemble
(comp. Arthur Lipner)

 GRADE: V     DURATION: 5 mins

Percussion Ensemble 13 players

(+4 optional)

3LPE_9-6-22_SCORE 1st page for Wix.jpg

price $55

price $65

Three Laughs for Wind Ensemble
(comp. Arthur Lipner/arr. Gary Mallinson)

 GRADE: V     DURATION: 5 mins

Wind Ensemble (arr. Gary Mallinson) 
for (4) Solo percussionists (+2 ensemble players)
premiere this arrmt with your ensemble!

3LWE_Score_9-17-22_Wix title page.jpg

price $70

3LWE_Score_9-17-22_Wix qst music pg.jpg

price $85

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