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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Jazz Improvisation Video Course
What are the steps to purchasing a license for this course? 

Step 1) Purchase the appropriate Tier at this site
Step 2) Within 24 hours (
but likely quicker!) of your payment being processed or School PO Received, you will receive an email from

MalletWorks. This will contain instructions on how to setup your account and access.

How will my course be delivered?
Our reply email will ask you for the # of email address(es) included in your Tier price, and what those address(es) are. It will also ask you when you would like access to begin for your one-year period commencing sometime in 2021. We will email again within 24 hrs with access info. 

Am I downloading this course?
No. You will be watching the videos whenever you wish by logging into our secure server.  Resolution is the highest available industry standard outbound. Your inbound internet pipeline will determine your quality. 

How will my students watch the course?
One of two ways:
1) On a Smartboard, Zoom or other means which you use to show class videos
2) Using their own account we've setup corresponding to their email address

Can I add email addresses to my account later? 
We request that you provide as many as possible within your Tier limit during our initial setup.  You can change addresses later but there may

be a delay of several days so give us fair notice. If you find you need more email address access than is included in your Tier, you can upgrade

your Tier. We cannot add additional address access any other way. 

What about sharing my access with friends?
Bad idea!! Server settings have a limited # of views for your account - more than you will ever use -  so you won't hear from us about that. 
BUT, if you share with friends (and even worse, they share with friends) your limit may be reached. What started out as an 
copyright infringement could easily
end up costing you addition to bad karma.  


How do I schedule "Arthur Lipner Live" video lessons?
When you're ready to schedule lessons, contact Arthur via arthurlipnermusic @ . He will send you a calendar link. Available lesson

times are limited so give yourself plenty of lead time.  Instructions will be included for paid lessons, which need to be paid in advance. 

Can the included lesson be one-on-one?
Private, full classes, whatever works for you and is included in your Tier. No video or audio recording of lessons.

Do you accept School Purchase Orders?
Gladly! Send a copy of the PO to Include a detailed Subject Area in your email for quicker service. 

Is it true that Arthur Lipner does a mean Rodney Dangerfield impression?

No respect! Maybe at dinner after the gig...

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