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Oops for Percussion Ensemble  (comp. Mike Mainieri, arr. Jeff Moore)
Includes Mallets, Lead pan, Double-second pans
digital download 

Glock/Xylo/2 Vibes/Chimes/Tenor Pan/Dbl 2nds/4 Marimbas/Bass/Drumset

Mike Mainieri's band STEPS AHEAD rocked the Jazz world with their fiery brand of fusion. Mike Brecker along with many all-star drummers including Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine and Steve Smith helped this band shape music history. Oops is a STEPS classic. Jeff Moore's arrangement is a feel-good piece with plenty of groove. This versatile arrangement is flexible to suit your players and instrument inventory. Many of today's young mallet player don't know the legendary Mike Mainieri or Steps Ahead. This piece is the perfect way to introduce them to such an important figure in percussion - and to have lots of fun in the spirit of Jazz fusion. We need a recording (please send us one of yours!) so video link is of Steps Ahead!

                                         GRADE: IV     DURATION:  5+ mins

                             price $40  

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