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The Jazz Improvisation Course consists of 5 videos totaling 105 mins. After purchase you will receive an Excel spreadsheet which indicates all the content and location. This will no doubt save you and your students so much time! The log for Video #2, the second song in the course called Fog Scene, is shown below.  

Video Log
Fog Scene video log again.jpg

This log is also provided as an Excel grid. Here instructors have the same flexibilities to personalize your classroom experience as with the Lessons log. You can mark where you/student last viewed, make notes about areas of particular interest, or whatever else may be practical and useful. 

Teachers of different areas of music can share this and the Lessons log with other instructors. For example, perhaps you're teaching guitar and would like the Jazz Ensemble or Small Group director to focus on a certain skill with several members her/his group who study with you. Sharing this document would be the easiest, simplest way to do that.

Arthur plays completely through each of the four songs a total of seven times in the 109 mins. Each of these locations are indicated in red in the logs. Six are playing along with the actual tracks provided by Row-loff/Carl Fischer from their respective books (same tracks for both books). The seventh, Smooth Boperator, is live with Arthur's jazz trio in a recording studio different from that used for the video shoots. Even so, Arthur plays provided Smooth Boperator melody and transcribed solo. 

In all seven play-alongs, students are to play the provided lead sheets and transcribed solos. This process will present the opportunity to become accustomed to reading lead sheets, song forms and chord changes. This is always a new way to look at music for beginners, especially those reading piano or other music on the grand staff: the harmonic information is above the melody not below! It's a different mindset in terms of seeing all the information on the page, but can easily happen for students young and old. 

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