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Doutones cd (1997)

Double Image (David Friedman & Dave Samuels)
Four Vibes & Marimba Duo transcriptions
digital download 
Transcriptions (Score, Parts & Audio) $16.95 each. All four $50 (save 35%!)
The four selections are: Movie Music, Night Rain, Over Hills, Untitled

This set of four Double Image duos for vibes & marimba are transcriptions of the same-named tracks on their
Doutones cd (1997). Get inside the minds and playing of these extraordinary ground-breaking mallet players by checking out these charts. Accompanying the delivery of your PDF’s from MalletWorks will be the actual track from that cd of the piece(s) you have selected. Simply following along with the transcriptions is a joy!

     All four transcriptions $50

Movie Score pg 1.jpg

Movie Music (comp. David Friedman)

Double Image Movie Music Duotones cd
00:00 / 05:45


Movie Marimba pg 1.jpg
Night Rain Score pg 1.jpg

Night Rain (comp. David Samuels)

Double Image Night Rain Duotones cd
00:00 / 07:24


Night Rain Marimba pg 1.jpg
Night Rain Vibes pg 1.jpg
Over Hills Score pg 1.jpg

Over Hills (comp. David Friedman)

Double Image Over Hills Duotones cd
00:00 / 05:18


Over Hills Marimba pg 1.jpg
Over Hills Vibes pg 1.jpg

Untitled (comp. David Samuels)

Double Image Untitled Duotones cd
00:00 / 08:01


Untitled_Mar pg 1 for site.jpg
Untitled_Vibes pg 1 for site.jpg
Movie Vibes pg 1.jpg
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