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Ney Rosauro Song Book for Vibraphone (2023) by Ney Rosauro

Solo Pieces and Etudes based on themes from Rosauro’s main concerti and other works 
16 pieces with melody and chords, 37 pages *
physical copy only  

Ney has presented the world with a wonderful collection of his music!
This is a must-have for all percussionists and percussion educators!

Watch videos of all pieces below 

                        price $25

NRSB p4 Wix.jpg
NRSB p8 Wix.jpg
NRSB p6 Wix.jpg

ACALANTO performed by Gustavo Miranda

ARIA performed by Anderson Clayton

BRASILIA performed by Jose Antonio Moreno

A DREAM performed by Guilherme Misina

BRASILIA performed by Jose Antonio Moreno

APPASSIONATO performed by Miguel Faria

EUROPA TERRA MAE performed by Ricardo Bovo

INTERLUDE performed by Leonardo Gorosito

IN HEAVEN performed by Burkhard Roggenbuck

MINOR BLUES performed by Roman Wagner

PRELUDE performed by Douglas Gutjahr

REFLECTIONS & DREAMS perf by A Sacramento

TEMA DE ANDREA performed by Livia Martins

YAMAGUSHI’S SONG performed by Andre F.M.

VALSA DA AMIZADE performed by Isa & Luiz Martins

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