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STYLES & SMILES for Beginning Percussion Ensemble  (Michael Aukofer, Arthur Lipner)
Eight short, simple easy arrangements for 6 beginning percussionists. 2-3 mins each.


Bossa Nova, Rumba, Soca, Funk & more!
digital download                                                                                                                       

                             price $35  

STYLES & SMILES can be played with bells, xylophone, snare, toms (2), bass drum, susp. cymbal and small auxiliary percussion instruments (claves, whistles, etc…). No exotic percussion instruments are necessary. The collection is designed to give a percussion ensemble a variety of performance style options, while using standard percussion instruments that are available in most HS/MS’s. Included are battery-only arrangements for the first two pieces (Mo’ Bossa and Mambowambo) to aid in transitioning students coming from battery-only to ensemble with mallet parts for the first time. The “Ensemble” arrangements contain Bells and Xylophone parts replacing two battery players.
Listen to all eight arrangements below! 

STYLES & SMILES will enhance every  instrumental music instructor’s library with styles essential for percussionists’ musical development: Bossa Nova, Soca, Rumba and more. Music teachers giving their percussionists a well-rounded education in both musical styles and instruments are instructors that develop musicians for life. This collection will facilitate that, while offering players fun parts that contain strong melodies and sound pedagogy.

Many beginners may not yet have encountered some of the six styles in STYLES & SMILES.  After playing these pieces, the melodies are strong enough for the students to have at least an aural imprint of a stylistic melody in a given groove.  The A-Rumba melody will bring a Rumba feel to mind. Same for Soca 1625/the Soca beat, and other pieces as well. The net effect is that the young percussionist has had a taste of styles from around the world - and hopefully enjoyed a few smiles along the way!

Mo Bossa Battery score pg1.jpg

Mo' Bossa (Battery Solo)

Mo Bossa score pg1.jpg

Mo' Bossa Ensemble


Arumba_score p1.jpg
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ear for listen.png
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           Soca 1625

Soca 1625 score pg1.jpg
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Mambowambo Battery_score pg1.jpg
Mambowambo score pg1.jpg
Funky Soul score pg1.jpg
Granola Folk score pg1.jpg

Mambo (Battery Solo)

Mambo Ensemble

Funky Soul

Granola Folk

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