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Space Dancer (Arthur Lipner) 

digital download here * physical copy available from dealers 

Space Dancer is a fun, funky duo for vibes and marimba. Great piece for two-mallet players. A percussionist can easily be added to make it a trio. Improvisation on the simple chords can be added in the middle or end of tha arrangement. Lipner wrote this as a solo and actually plays both parts at the same time in the video link below (with John Wooton)!

                          GRADE: II          PAGES:  4 ea part         DURATION: 6:14

         price $14.95  

Pramantha p1 for Wix image.jpg

Pramantha (comp Jack DeSalvo, arr Lipner)

digital download here * physical copy available from dealers 

Pramantha is a beautiful, shimmering, sensitive piece in 7/4 for two mallet players.  The improvisation sections are notated making the piece "composed through."  Players and audiences alike will enjoy its meditative and crystal clear quality. Recorded version below features Lipner & Michael Burritt. Arthur also recorded Pramantha on his first band album "In Any Language" with highly acclaimed guitarist Vic Juris. Pramantha composed by guitarist/producer Jack DeSalvo (Unseen Rain Records). 

                          GRADE: IV            PAGES:  5 ea part         DURATION: 6:47

ear for listen.png

              price $14.95

Sight Reading cover.jpg

Four Pieces for Sight Reading (Lipner)
digital download here * physical copy available from some dealers 

J.S. Bach Minuet Variations, Themes From Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 4, Funky One (funky) and In The Bayou (bluesy) comprise this wide mix of styles for intermediate two-mallet players to enjoy with teachers and friends. Bach and Tchaikovsky are, of course, important themes for students to know. Lipner's two originals are fun to read through. Switch parts for more adventure! The Look Inside button below shows that both players read the score. This helps the music come together more quickly. 

                          GRADE: III           PAGES:  18        

Look Inside.png

              price $12

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