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City Soca, Perc Ens digital copy (Lipner)

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Instrumentation (11+ players)
Vibraphone (1,2), Marimba (1, 2, Solo), Lean Pan, Double 2nd Pan, Cello Pans, Bass Guitar, Aux Perc (Congas, Bells, Shaker, Timbales), Drumset

Great arrangement with pans of a song from Lipner’s first band album “In Any Language” (1990).  Pan parts can be played on mallets instead. Excellent groove tune! Can be expanded with more players however suites your ensemble. The Aux Perc parts can be split amongst four players and play the entire song.  Add extra solos, players and breaks for more excitement. Add a deep cowbell on 1 & 3, if a player is available, to help hold the time together.

City Soca, Perc Ens digital copy (Lipner)

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