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Hello Young Lovers (Rodgers/Morales-Matos)

Instrumentation (13 players) 
Glock, Xylophone, Vibes 1 (soloist), Vibes 2, Marimba (1,2), Bass/Marimba, Timpani, Timbales, Bongos, Congas Drumset, Claves

This arrangement has an open for solo (improvisation) section that alternates back and fourth with the choral parts (choral parts should be sang as well as played in the instruments). The length of these sections (solo-choral)  is flexible. The ON CUE! sections, played between solo sections, can vary in length and order. There are usually! at least two ON CUE sections, so after the solo-choral  ON CUE 1, then go back to solo- choral section, then ON CUE 2. 

Hello Young Lovers (Rodgers/Morales-Matos)

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