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Milt Jackson, Transcribed Solos Of The Master

A one-of-a-kind collection of the one of the greatest innovators in Jazz. 16 tunes present Bags' genius in all it's splendor. A discography is provided so the original tracks can be sourced. For the solos which are too hard to play - particularly the ballads (!) - you will enjoy looking at them while they go by as you would a Monet or Picasso. It's all here: Milt's extraordinary use of phrasing, chord extensions and lyricism, all rooted in his Blues background. The Modern Jazz Quartet was most of the most popular chamber jazz groups for five decades, and this book illustrates one of the main reasons why. Editor Arthur Lipner contacted Milt's wife to gain access to the music and photos. Bags' innovative approach helped change the world of music and it will change yours too!

Solos include the classics Angel Eyes, Bags and Trane, Bags' Groove, Blue Bossa, How High the Moon, In Walked Bud, Wave and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Milt Jackson, Transcribed Solos Of The Master

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